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ACE rooms cover a very wide varety of furniture and flooring types. Most rooms do not have powered entrances. Check room descriptions (tab above) to see details for a particular room. PDF room plans (also in room descriptions) can be used to see where there are stairs and fixed furniture in the rooms.

ACE works in conjunction with Accessibility Services to provide furniture for specific physical needs - contact accessibility services for availability and information.
Sample accessible classroom furniture shown on the right   --->

New ACE classrooms (and new renovations) are built, where possible, to new and better standards in order to provide the best possible learning infrastructure for the widest range of student and instructors.

New classrooms (or renovations) are built to this standard. Older rooms have a variety of levels of accessibility -
check your room description

The new standard is to provide a large open area, which can be populated with height-adjustable tables and ergonomic seating (for these make a request to accessibility services).

Sample accessible area and furniture in Sid Smith room 2102, from renovation summer 2012:


All new buildings (like Leslie Dan Pharmacy or the Bahen Center) are built to modern code and have proper wheelchair access, elevators and accessible stations in classrooms. A number of our historic buildings (like Convocation Hall) have many stairs and lack elevators. ACE and the University have worked hard to make modern accessibility possible in these spaces, but not all buildings and rooms can be made properly accessible. Please contact ACE if you have specific needs for using any of our spaces.

New Google-based UT Map

- turn on layer marked 'ACCESSIBILITY' for location and pictures of building entrances

ACE Rooms

See Room Descriptions. Rooms rated 'wheelchair accessible' are on the ground floor or have elevator access.

Check the PDF plans on the same 'Room Description' page to see exactly what space is allocated for wheelchairs or accessible furniture. Newer, larger halls show designated spaces on the plans.


ACE has worked in conjunction with Accessibility Services to provide ergonomic furniture for classrooms for persons with specific physical needs. Contact Accessibility Services to inquire about having these special furnishings provided for specific students or instructors.

We (ACE and Accessibility services) tested over a dozen chairs and several tables and best performing chair was, by a landslide, the Steelcase Leap. It has the best adjustable arms in the industry, reasonably easy to use controls, and adequate lumbar support and tilt-lock. The best non-powered height adjustable table was clearly the Steelcase Airtouch, which has a simple squeeze-tab raise/lower mechanism.

Accessible Stations in Classrooms

Standard classroom accessible area/station
(new builds/renovated classrooms):
- Open Space 3' wide by 5' deep (not including aisle)
- Delivery of height-adjustable tables and ergoonomic seats can be organized through accessibility services

Check the room floorplan available in Room Descriptions or check with the department/faculty for more detail on spaces particular class.

In most rooms with fixed or loose tables, the accessible stations have tables but no seating. In lecture halls with tablet arms, accessible stations are typically open with no furniture.